School Camps

Each program is a customised journey designed to suit each individual school’s values, providing opportunity for all students to reach their goals. Expeditions range from 3 to 5 days and along the way, participants undertake the various outdoor activities available in the wilderness they are exploring.

Removed from all technology, this creates an incredible sense of self-reliance and adventure. This feeling of being independent on a self-directed journey, forces students to use initiative, resourcefulness and the group’s diverse skills and attributes.

While the groups will learn or reinforce bushcraft skills such as navigation, building a fire, choosing and setting up a campsite, food preparation and safe hygiene practices, the real learning is from the challenges faced.

The students will learn about each other, their own strengths and weaknesses and how to support each other in a setting that is outside the norm. The emphasis will be on learning in a safe and fun environment, where the students are willing to take on new experiences.

The program provides intellectual, physical, mental and emotional challenges that will stretch the students well beyond their comfort zone. The students will be able to take on more complex and challenging leadership and problem solving tasks. The programs help equip students for the transition from youth to adulthood and assist in preparing them for their final years at school and the challenges in life ahead.

Each group is accompanied by Aspire NSW outdoor instructors and a teacher from the corresponding school.